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  Books   Transforming with water
  Themes in the History of Japanese Garden Art Hovenierskunst in Palmet en Pauwstaart
  Japanese Flowering Cherries Japanese Gardens and Landscapes, 1650-1950
  Examples of writings Seoul as Landscape System
  Temple, Huygens, and Sharawadgi Japonaiserie in London and The Hague
  The Zen Garden Geschiedenis van het leifruit
  Nagasaki Gardens and Georg Meister SHAKKEI 借景‐中国《园冶》与日本造园艺术
  桜の分化史 (造園学会賞) The stone and the moon - 成就院
  Cherry gardening in ancient Japan Modern Japanese gardens in Paris
  日本の風土と庭造り La Tulipomanie
  Traditional Chinese Garden Design À propos des nains de jardin
  Korean Landscape Heritage   plus many more >
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